William Seitz (USA)

Thank you very much, Lhamu. We had a wonderful time and are extremely grateful for all of your support.
The difficulty finding drivers was an inconvenience but was not such a large issue as to cloud the wonderful time we had. The drivers were all very diligent and careful, which we really appreciated.
But they generally were reluctant to arrive in advance it seems, which meant finding them was uncertain and we had to wait a while in a few cases. I wonder if that was because it was unclear who would pay for parking fees, etc. We would gladly have paid the fees (and I think they were paid in any case) to make sure the pickups were easier. So perhaps it would be good to make this aspect very clear to the drivers in advance.
Another small suggestion could be to coach the drivers a bit about what could help streamline meeting up. Maybe you could validate that they arrive on time and in the right location by asking them to send a photo, or to share their real-time location in WhatsApp when they arrive. It would also be very helpful if they would have a sign with the name of the person they are looking for. They did not do this during our trip and it was hard to figure out when many freelance drivers approached us.
Again, we had a truly wonderful trip, due in no small part to the excellent preparation on your part, and I would enthusiastically recommend you to anyone else organizing a similar trip.
Many thanks again!

Leslie Goldstein, USA

Dear Lhamu, Thank you so much for your guidance and expertise. You are amazing and you made our trip fantastic and will remember you & this extra ordinary trip forever! Thank you,

Carolyn McKnight, USA

My dear Lhamu, You were the perfect guide for our trip; Patient, Kind, generous, wise and Organized. You made all of it possible. I am grateful and will hold in my heart/mind forever. With love and gratitude.

Jeanne Enders, USA

Dear Lhamu, You have such special gifts. Thank you for your patience, wisdom, hard work, flexibility and compassion. This was a trip of a lifetime!
“If future possible clients are deciding who should lead their travel in India, they cannot go wrong with Tsering Lhamu. Her calm competence, empathy for the client, knowledge of Buddhism and India are superb. As our trip was a pilgrimage, it was especially powerful to be led by someone like Lhamu. She taught us many things about navigating a Buddhist world and also navigating India. She took us to places and organized experiences that were so special. Months later we are still glowing from what we saw and learned. I count her as a friend and hope to travel with her again in the future.”

Albrecht Enders, USA

Dear Lhamu, Thank you for this wonderful experience. Your patience and compassion is a special. Love Albrecht Enders, USA

Karin Kolodziejski, USA

Dear Lhamu Your help has been amazing and so critical for us and love your calm, matter of fact dispositions you make miracle happen for us. Thank you so much.

Christina Ibanez, Denver, USA

Dear Lhamu, Thank you for your help, service, and guidance for the 2018 University of Denver ISL Dharamsala group. Our experience is made richer because of working with you. Thank you! Best Wishes.

Effie Fletcher, Founder / Director at Himalayan High Treks, USA

Lhamu is fantastic! I've worked with her for many years as a contractor for my Adventure Travel company. I have found her to be super reliable and very budget conscious. She offers consistently high quality services. Her company Tashi Takgye Tours & Treks is great and her brother is an excellent guide. Highly recommend especially for travel to Sikkim.

Susan, USA

Thank you so much Lhamu for organizing our driver and accommodation for our amazing trip to India. Ringu was helpful, accommodating, and patient. The WBC and Neemrama were both my favorites. While the Crowne Plaza was near perfect it was too far away from the action. The Agra accommodation was a great location but could use a little cleaning. All in all I'm totally satisfied!

Leslie Resnick , USA

what an amazing trip. thank you for your assistance. I think it all worked quite well. we were sort of wondering why you picked the hotel you put us in in jaipur. it was rather far from town and really similar to what we have in the US. it was fancier than any of us have ever stayed, as well. neemrama was an amazing addition. since they made a mistake on the room, they put us in the queens room. It was amazing.

Best wishes, Nicolas , China

Hello Lhamu,I send you this little email, just to say you that everything was OK. My stay in India was short, but great. I had great time in Menri monastery. The trains were on time, just perfect. Thank you again for having booked the train tickets.

Diane Macchiavelli, NY USA

Tashi Delek, Lhamu! We are happily in Bodhgaya at Sujata Hotel. It is really nice here! Thank you again for providing wonderful trip for Maura and I. Everything has gone really smoothly! All the travel has worked out well and now we are in Bodhgaya for two weeks with His Holiness and teachings! Thanks again!

Sherice, Singapore

Dear Lhamu-la,Thank you so much for your help! Everything was perfect.

Best, Jamie . UK

Hello, Lhamu, and a Happy New Year to you. All has gone well the past few months, India was a wonderful journey, in part helped by you. Everything has gone smoothly. After Nepal I had a great time back in India, first at CUTS in Sarnath w/ Jay and other old friends, than a few days at the Ajanta and Ellora caves, and then two weeks w/ HHDL at the Mind and Life gathering at Sera and then his Lam Rim teachings at Tashi Lhumpo. . . all of which was followed by two weeks on the beach in Bali. Now I am back in cold, cold, New England! If you are ever in the area, please do stop by and I can show you some of our wonderful sites. Thanks again, and I imagine that our paths will cross again in the future.

Best, Malcolm ,Australia

Dear Lhamu la,Thank you for all your assistance. We have recommended you to some friends in Varanasi, Kimmie and Greg Tuke, who should be in touch soon. All went pretty well.

Pat Clarkson,Canada

A well organized, flexible and quality Tour Company. This trip far exceeded my expectations! A large part of this experience was Lhamo and Thupten who handled all situations (even the unexpected) with calmness and professionalism. Would recommend this company with no hesitation.

Kathlynn ‘kat’ Joel-Reich, CHWI,Administrative Coordinator, Center for Global Health Education

Dear Lhamu-La and Brother (of which I am OLD, and just cannot remember his beautiful name – so sorry!), It has been over a month since my return to the states. I have been meaning to write to you, just to touch base, and to tell you how beautiful you, your brother, and your country is. And, also, to thank you for your personal attention to my crazy needs when I was with you all. Your brother, purchasing the cane for me was a gesture of kindness I could never repay. Thank you for that. What a delight it was to meet you, and be with you. I believe you are an incredible entrepreneur, and such great attentive guides, not just to me, but to all of us from the Sherab Chamma Ling Touring group. Just wanted to send you a personal THANK YOU, and let you know that I think of both of you often. All my love, kat.

Norma ( Namkhi Lhamo), Canada

Namaste Lhamo, I have so many good things to say that I don’t know where to start! When I agreed with my Lama to help him organize a pilgrimage to India and Nepal, I had no previous experience as s a ‘travel team leader’ so I knew I would need someone extraordinary on the ‘other side’ to help me make it happen with success. We were given a recommendation for the company and specifically for Lhamo-la, so it was good karma from the start! Corresponding with me completely by email for 8 months, Lhamo helped to pull together and fine tune our plan for this fascinating and probably life-changing adventure for our group of 32 members . . . . All arriving to India from 5 different countries, most having never been to India before, and many never having travelled outside their home country before. Throughout all the changes of our plans over 8 months, Lhamo did an outstanding job of scheduling and rescheduling the arrivals and departures, arranging pre and post-tour plans, juggling accommodations and transportation as our group size grew over the months. Extremely courteous, flexible, knowledgeable and accommodating, Lhamo was a delight to work with, always just an email away to answer any and all questions I had on behalf of the group, and always with a personal touch to her very professional detailed correspondence. She also tolerated my beginnings in learning to speak Tibetan!
From our airport pickup in New Delhi at 4 am, through to airport drop off to see us off safely to Nepal a week later, she was there with her lovely smile and good natured manner. We had a very packed itinerary in India and this dedicated duo – Lhamo-la and her brother Thupten – quietly and efficiently resolved any and all problems to the best of their ability. They gave us all personal consideration, through sickness and through health, which made every one of the group feel special and cared for, regardless of the ‘problem’. As they both travelled with our group throughout the India portion of our tour, it gave everyone a strong sense of comfort knowing that any problems will have solutions if you brought them to her attention.
With expertise, guidance, recommendations, suggestions, patience and a quiet sense of humor, we were guided with ease through our itinerary using planes, trains and automobiles . . .. . . and now that I am a ‘seasoned’ team leader, I would happily work with them to organize another adventure; for my next trip to India, guess who I am emailing first! Thu je che for all you did. . from the bottom of my heart.

Tashi Delek, shirley lewis, Courtenay, Sherab Chamma Ling

I would like to thank you for your customer service which has been outstanding and above and beyond the call of dedication. You have made my first trip to India an unforgettable experience. I would like to also thank your brother who has been a source of strength as both of you make a great team. I wish you well with your business and hope to be able to use your company in the future.

Sandy & Robert Hatton, Courtenay, BC, Canada

Hello Llamu, I have been meaning to write for a while, and Norma Forrest reminded us to send a testimonial. I think we were all in awe of you and how you handled so much complexity with equanimity and grace, re the money exchanges, questions, difficulties that constantly arose. Your presence and attention to detail on our India trip was one that Robert and I have not experienced before and we frequently commented on how we felt cared for and amazed at what you accomplished with and for us all. Without it, we would have not travelled so easily and as well, especially at the railway station! We certainly missed you in Nepal! The parting gift of tea and calendar was extremely thoughtful and your generosity is memorable! Thank you so much, once again for helping us to enjoy and be safe on our trip. May you continue in health and success. Many Blessings...

Enrique Palma, Costa Rica

Lhamo has provided to us (our pilgrimage) and specially to me an awesome service to the very last minute: I was very sick at the end of our tour when I was trying to get to frontdesk in the airport and she helped me so much...she left until she confirmed everything was ok for me. This is special and not always seeing.

Marilyn from Shawnigan Lake, Canada

Dear Lhamu,Thank you to you and your brother for providing such good care of us on our recent pilgrimage to Menri monastery. Here is a very nice picture I took of you and thought you might like a copy. The pilgrimage was deeply moving and my life is deeply enriched because of it. Many thanks!

with warm regards, Beth Simon, USA

Dear Lhamu la,Our pilgrimage is completed. Everyone has gone on to new destinations. Thank you for all of your work, attention, advice, and good heart! The hotels were all comfortable and suitable, and the transport, in all but one case, excellent. Even the coach for Andhra - Telegana gave us a good story to tell! All the pilgrims along with Geshe la feel the pilgrimage was really beneficial and a great success. Many of the same people had been with us two years ago, but they too say, this was different. We wish you all the best in your work, and health and happiness in your life.

Chris Coulson, Canada

Hi Lhamu,I have finally settled back to my routine at home and have been meaning to write to you to thank you for everything you did on our trip. I think you were a great companion to all of us and helped make the trip very pleasurable for all of us. Take care and please thank your brother for me also.

Much love, Diane xo, Canada

Hello Lhamu, I have not traveled with a large group or with a tour guide prior to this trip. During this trip we had two tour guides for two separate countries. Lhamu was our guide while in India. She made certain that every person's requests and adjustments were made immediately, which was a lot. Lhamu never appeared stressed and never complained. She and her brother Thupten traveled along with our group and became part of us. Lhamu and her brother Thupten came to aid of our group when 9 of us became ill. Thupten brought tea and advice; Lhamu delivered medicine to who ever needed it. She has a wonderful sense of humor and a personality that everyone liked. Thupten was our quiet guide that completed the balance needed. We did not realize how valuable Lhamu and Thupten were until we left India and met up with our other tour guide. They were wonderful people as well but they were not as attentive as Lhamu and we all missed her presence. I feel that Lhamu and Thupten went above and beyond her responsibilities as guides.

Tashi Delek! With palms together, Babette , USA

Hi Lhamu la,You helped us book our jeep and rooms in Dhasa. Raju was our driver from Delhi to Dhasa and he was VERY good. Our rooms at Kareri Lodge in Dhasa were really nice and the manager Mr. Swaroop was very nice and helpful. Your service was very good and I will definitely recommend your company to others in future.

Dr SonamThakchoe , University of Tasmania, Australia

I am terribly sorry. I should have sent you my feedback long time ago.The trip went very well. Yes the company did sent us a bigger bus and the whole bus trip was very pleasant one. The students had plenty of space to move around and lie down if they wished and many did take the opportunity. We also had two drivers and an assistant on the whole trip which was very reassuring. No hick ups and delays this time, they service was very good. All three earned very handsome tips for which they were happy, so were we! That said, the bus trip between Sanchi and Fardapur, on hind side, is little too long for the group – it took us nearly 17 hrs to get there. Also the drive between Aurangabad and Mumbia took us 10 hours. In the future, we most likely fall back to the old-fashioned train trips rather than buses. As a whole train trips may provide us the better time compared to long and tedious bus rides. The hotel Bently is a pleasant place to be. Since it is at the centre of the city, it has very easy access to all important places there! I will be writing you soon about the next edition. Till then, thank you once again for the service.

Prof Jay L Garfield Smith College Director, Five College Tibetan Studies in India Program

I direct a study abroad program in India and have been working with TsheringLhamu-la for over fifteen years and with TashiTakgye since it first opened. I say with complete confidence that there is no better travel agent, and no better agency in India. Whether I am traveling with a large group of students and colleagues with a complex itinerary, or on my own for a brief research trip, I always entrust TashiTakgye tours and travels with all aspects of my travel in India. Lhamu-la is better than perfect. What I mean is this: most good agencies in India will do whatever you ask them to do. But when you lack information, or when the unexpected happens and travel is disrupted, they look at you with apology and ask what you would like done, and it is usually too late to do anything useful. Lhamu-la fixes travel problems before you know that anything has gone wrong; she provides information that you might not have known you even needed. Her advice is always good, and even when plans change rapidly, her service is always prompt, efficient, and better than anyone could reasonably expect. TashiTakgye also handles all financial arrangements easily, transparently and efficiently. There is no better agency in India, and I could never imagine working in India without TashiTakgye Tours and Travels as my agent.

Dave Giles, USA

Lhamu, greetings, Marta and I are considering another trip to India because our trip last year -- with your help -- was so wonderful for us. Yesterday evening I used the google search engine to visit your website and received a warning that the site was dangerous. I am attaching below the screens that came up on Google so you would be aware of them, and do whatever you need to do to eliminate the problem. We do expect to be in touch soon. I trust that in all other respects, you are well and happy.

Kevin and Erica , USA,

Thanks for the email. I'm emailing you from Denver, Colorado as we made it back to the U.S. as scheduled on 23 March. I called Mr.Parmar on the morning of 20 March to arrange a taxi pickup from Takhyil Guest House later that evening and the driver was there on time. Again, everything went perfectly thanks to your help in arranging things and we had a wonderful time in India. Thank you again, I will certainly contact you for travel assistance should we decide to travel back to India in the future.

Michael Png, Singapore

traveled to sikkim with TashiTakgye Tours & Treks the more than week long holiday to this beautiful country .Was made even more enjoyable by the wonderful service provided by TashiTakgye Tours &Treks . From the sightseeing arrangements to accommodation and meals ,our travel agent was very professional and helpful. We will not hesitate to travel with them again in the future.” August 13, 2009. Hired Tshering as a Financial Advisor in 2008, and hired .Tshering more than once. Top qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity .

Jeresurber, USA

“Llamu both did the detailed planning for a travel course I led to India with a dozen students and also organized a 'post-course' trip through India for me and my partner. She did a superb job in all respects, was continuously available to assist during the entire trip, and proved a major asset to my course and trip. I recommend her and her agency with my greatest enthusiasm. And, she's an enjoyable and knowledgeable person to be with. I know that my university colleagues would all say the same.” August 18, 2009 Hired Tshering as a Travel Agent in 2008 , and hired. Tshering more than once .Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity.

Cheers,Larry, USA

I wanted you to see this great review of your services. Thanks! Effie, USA Hi Effie, I just got back from our trip. It worked out really well and it was a great trip. We had some bad weather, 4 or 5 days of rain and snow and several of fog. But the days we were up hight were glorious with sun and no wind. The pace worked out about right, especially since there didn't seem to be an option to go short extra distances. I was amazed by how rugged and steep the terrain in Sikkim is. Going over DhafeyBhir pass was a real highlight, with great views including into Nepal and back to Kachenjunga. We only saw on other trekker after we left Dzongri, so it was neat to be off the beaten track. Thupten was a really good guide. Very knowledgeable about the country, plants, and the trails. We visited 3 of his siblings in their homes, the refugee center and the monastery where his brother is a monk. Those contacts added a lot to our trip. His crew was really good and cook he had, Pemba, was excellent. I think the food was better that on the GeoEx trips we took to Bhutan. I would sure recommend him to anyone. He is, as you know, Lhamu's brother! We met the whole family! Anyway, thanks a lot for a great trip.

Yolanda Garcia, USA,

Hello Tshering, I wanted to thank you for all your effort to make my pilgrimage to India possible. It was truly a life changing journey. I only wish I had a photo of both you and I but I do have your photo for my photo album. I will send on your bracelet as soon as my sister designs. All my best to you.

MaritaFaaberg, Norway

“Tshering is not only highly efficient, but personable, good-humored, unflinching under any problems that might come about and always directly involved. I was impressed!” August 12, 2009 . Hired Tshering as a Travel Agent in 2006 . Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Integrity .

Roscoe Hill, Denver, USA

"When I first took a group of university students to India in 2002, Tshering was our travel agent there. She met us at the airport, and looked after every detail of our travels for a whole month. Terrific. I have returned every year since (7 years), and always found the same high level of care, service, and attention to detail. It is hard to imagine there could be a better person to arrange your travels." October 21, 2009 Hired Tshering as a Travel Agent in 2002 , and hired . Tshering more than once Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity .

Glenn Fee, USA

“I left a group of university students in India over the course of five years. We used Lhamu for our travel arrangements each year. Our program needed to be relatively flexible, and we would call on Lhamu for often unusual and last-minute requests. She was always professional, trustworthy, and thorough, attributes that you cannot always rely upon while travelling. I plan to return to India with my family in a few years, and will certain use Lhamu's services again.” August 3, 2009 Hired Tshering as a Travel Agent in 2002 , and hired . Tshering more than once Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity , Creative.

Steve Hutson, USA

Lhamu-la provides excellent travel service, with her own personal touch of quality and integrity. All of her referrals are very good and dependable. In 2009 my travel plans changed rapidly, and Lhamu-la made the adjustments better than I could imagine. TashiTakgye Tours and Travels takes care of all my travel needs in India and Nepal. I am so happy for the good fortune of being referred to Lhamu-la and her excellent travel agency!" Sincerely.

Frank Coyne,Associate Director,University of Denver, 2050 East Evans Ave #22 Denver, CO 80208

I just wanted to say THANK YOU! Mr. Sanjay was most gracious and helpful and the guide and the driver.That you were able to help provide for us made our trip Agra very memorable and exciting. I just wanted to reach out to you and say thanks and very much appreciated. I will be sure to recommend your services to all my friends visiting India. Take care.

Karen Goh,From Singapore

In May 2010, we finally realized our long-time dream of visiting the mystical land of Bhutan, and our decision to visit the country through TashiTakgye Tours and Treks was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The tour was specially tailored according to our request: we had incorporated Sikkim and Darjeeling into the itinerary. We stayed in the best hotels available, without having to pay the highest prices. Our tour leader, Ms Lhamu, was simply wonderful: she constantly fussed over us, ensuring that we were comfortable and well-looked after. She is also very familiar with all the areas we visited, and was fluent in English and the local languages. We have every intention to engage TashiTakgye Tours and Treks' services again for our future trips to the region, and highly recommend them to anyone with intentions to visit these places.

Danny from USA

The trip was remarkable in all respects. All of the arrangements which you made for myself could not have been better. I do not have any comments for improvement. Your services were excellent in all aspects. I will use your services in India again if I should ever return and will definitely recommend you to any of my friends who should visit India. Thanks again for all of your efforts. You were excellent.

Peter and Heather Smith,Australia

Tashi Delek Lhamu and Toofan, just writing to wish you both a very happy and successful new year and to say thank you for all your assistance in India. Thank you also for emailed Christmas wishes. We reached our home on 20 December and have been very busy since then after three months away. We had no further problems in India after finally receiving the permit. Thank you Toofan for your work in getting this to us. We had a wonderful stay in Mainpat for three weeks when the permit came through. After that we went on to Bodhgaya and then by train to Kolkata. The All Sealdah Express was a good train thank you Lhamu. We had a sad goodbye to India, receiving news on the day we were to leave Kolkata that two Tibetans from Mainpat had been killed in a jeep accident that morning. They were husband and wife who were travelling in the same jeep to Bodhgaya as we had travelled in the previous week. Another Tibetan lady we knew was injured and the jeep driver, an Indian man, died later. It is a very rough and dangerous road from Mainpat to Bodhgaya and next time we come we will probably not do that journey again, maybe train to and from Delhi instead. We will be hoping to meet you next time Lhamu. We will return to see our Tibetan family and definitely will be in contact with you Lhamu for travel arrangements. Thank you again and stay healthy and safe. Attached is a new year wish with a photo of some donkeys taken in Greece before we came on to India. Kind regards and best wishes.

Chee Sang &KamGoh(KG),From Singapore

Thank you very much for the season's greetings. May we also wish you and family and L Choda and Tashi good fortune for the festive season and a Happy & Prosperous New Year. Our last trip under your guidance and organisation had been very successful, We enjoyed every moment of the trip. Please accept our many thanks for the time and hard work in the organisation and management of the itinary and the special care you have given us along the journey.

With palms together,Babette , USA

You helped us book our jeep and rooms in Dhasa. Raju was our driver from Delhi to Dhasa and he was VERY good. Our rooms at Kareri Lodge in Dhasa were really nice and the manager Mr.Swaroop was very nice and helpful. Your service was very good and I will definitely recommend your company to others in future.

Regards, Eddy,USA

Hi Tsering! First let me tell you again how much I've enjoyed the tour, and how . we all appreciated your attention, help and caring. .. Could you please cancel my reservation at the Metro Heights Hotel for March 18? I decided to stay in Kathmandu and fly back to Delhi on the 19th, and go back home that same day. I don't know if you can issue a refund???

Dr. Letitia Meynell, Department of Philosophy, Dalhousie University, 6135 University Avenue, Halifax, NS B3H 4R2

Last year you did an absolutely marvelous job of helping my partner and myself arrange travel in India. I am again coming back to India this December and although I don't have plans that are as elaborate as last time I was hoping you might help me out.Currently, I am coming into India at Mumbai and I need to get to Mangalore. From there my host will be making arrangements for me to get to Manipal.My flight is scheduled to get into Mumbai on Friday December 9 at 22:45 and then I am scheduled to leave Mumbai on Sunday December 18 at 13:30. (I have attached my ticket). I am assuming that it will be best to fly from Mumbai to Mangalore, but I don?t know which domestic carriers in India have the best reputation for safety and reliability. I am guessing that it would also be best to stay the night in Mumbai, probably at an airport hotel, but I have no sense of the qualities of the hotels. The places you booked us into last year were all terrific.Because I am traveling alone this year I am particularly concerned about feeling safe wherever I stay. Do you know which airport hotels in Mumbai are reputed to be the best without being too unreasonably priced. Are you able to make these kinds of arrangements? Many thanks,

Effie, USA

Dear Lhamu, I wanted you to see this great review of your services. Thanks!


We arrived in Dharamsala safely, although almost all of us were or are sick with the usual stomach problems. But today we're relaxing and exploring the town. It's lovely here, and the 8 Auspicious Him View hotel is really wonderful, much better than I expected. It's a great choice, even though for some reason they weren't expecting to see us until 10pm. Also, I hadn't realized that the Ekant Lodge is right next door! That will be convenient when we move there on the 17th. Is it possible to cancel our reservations at Hotel Geeson on the 21st and rebook somewhere else in New Delhi? After the student's money was stolen (about $100, the student says), I don't want to go there again. We need some place where we can take a bath and rest after the train ride, before we go to the airport. I suppose we will be charged for two nights, since we'll be arriving at the train station at 6:10am. All the tours and tour guides that you arranged were really good. I can understand why Roscoe was happy to book everything with you every year; we will continue to do so.