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In Tibetan, TashiTakgye means “eight lucky signs” – the most Auspicious and Spiritual symbols in the Region of Himalayan. It is also known in Sanskrit as ‘Ashtamangala’. It is said that whoever possesses the Blessings bestowed by the Eight Goddesses who hold these Eight Auspicious Objects – he or she will be blessed with Long Life, Good Health, Prosperity, Fame, Happiness, Joy and other worldly and supra-mundane qualities…[Read More]


Glenn Fee, USAI plan to return to India with my family in a few years, and will certain use Lhamu's services again. August 3, 2009 Hired Tshering as a Travel Agent in 2002 , and hired Tshering more than once Top qualities: Good Value, High Integrity , Creative.
Steve Hutson, USALhamu-la provides excellent travel service, with her own personal touch of quality and integrity. All of her referrals are very good and dependable. In 2009 my travel plans changed rapidly, and Lhamu-la made the adjustments better than I could imagine.
Jeresurber, USALlamu both did the detailed planning for a travel course I led to India with a dozen students and also organized a 'post-course' trip through India for me and my partner.

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