Our mission statement & core value

Our Mission statement and Core Values

Our priority is to satisfy every customer every time, through outstanding personalized services, sustainable maintenance of rural villages and conservation of Art and Culture.

A) Vision :

To cater to travelers with special interests who prefer to be part of the real cultural environment of communities and who want to learn more about authentic art, natural cultural and historical aspects of the people and places they visit and explore.

B) Sustainable Tourism :

Our groups are small and sustainable tourism is on the forefront of our agenda. The success of TTT&T will hopefully contribute partly to the well-being of our local hosts. We defy the mainstream on our quest to refine the spirit of adventure.

C) Customer Focus and Understanding :

We always seek to understand thoroughly our clients’ needs and provide them with timely, accurate, quality service. It is our aim to develop products, systems and processes that will benefit our customers.

D) Continuous Improvement :

We constantly strive to improve the quality and effectiveness of our products and services. We innovate and welcome change, and with feedback from our customers, continually enhance our standard of quality and service to them.

E) Aggressive, Profitable Growth :

We expand our thinking and grow faster than the industry average, and we enjoy being seen as a young aggressive company. We believe that we do not have to compromise our integrity to be profit driven.

F) Innovation :

We are the first and we will continue to innovate and value-add. By doing this we aspire to stay ahead of companies that have followed our path. Our travelers know that by traveling with TTT&T they are traveling with innovative conservationists who dare to blaze new trails.

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